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The Ninety-Nine Names of God: The sacred texts of Islam and Judaism transmit names and attributes of God such as The Compassionate One, Maker of Peace, and The Just. This session reflects upon the traditional Names of God as a guide to contemporary spiritual challenges. The Ninety-Nine Names can serve as bridges of understanding between people and traditions.

Non-violence in Jewish and Muslim Faith Traditions: We currently live in a world where some interpret God's will as necessitating violence to achieve a just end. We choose to read our traditions as a struggle to remain faithful to non-violence, compassion and love of the stranger. We will examine the texts of Islam and Judaism that point us toward non-violence as a way of live. We will also reflect on the narratives of spiritual struggle, martydom, non-violent resistance to social injustice, and pathways to reconciliation in our respective traditions.

Cousins: The narratives of Abraham, Hagar, Sarah, Ishmael and Issac can be read as sources of hope and healing in the context of Muslim-Jewish relations. We will explore themes of family relations, attitudes towards the stranger, courage and sacrifice in the Bible and Qur'an as well as the legends, folk tales and oral renditions that arose from these sources.

Women in Jewish and Muslim Society: Many stereotypes abound in relationship to the understanding of Jewish and Muslim women in their religions and communities. This session will read from both traditional sources about and by women along with current narratives by women about their lives. We will look at the tensions that arise from the encounter of different cultures with the modern period and the diverse ways women define their place in their culture and society.


The Jewish-Muslim PeaceWalk is committed to peaceful coexistance based on principles of justice between Palestinians and Israelis. We affirm the centrality of this vision as essential to peaceful realtionships between Israelis and Palestinians. We seek to foster understanding about the Israeli Palestinian tragedy by giving witness to the voices and perspectives of those thousands of people on both sides seeking to ends the military occupation of Palestine through non-violent resistance. We will also give witness to the anatomy of military occupation and the suffering we witnessed during our delegation to Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine. This subject can be addressed as a 1 1/2 hour presentation, a day long workshop, or as a weekend retreat and is accompanied by slides and Power Point presentation.


Pilgrimages for peace are growing among many peoples as a way to give witness and bring diverse communities together. The Jewish-Muslim PeaceWalk would like to help your community organize a peace walk between a local synagogue and masjid or create an interfaith peace pilgrimage dedicated to giving witness to local peace and justice issues.

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A performance of song, drum, and storytelling from the treasure houses of Muslim and Jewish spirituality. This 1 1/2 hour performance is dedicated to restoring long standing cultural connections between Jews and Muslims as well as illuminating a path of truth and reconciliation for the future.


Muslim-Jewish Dialogue: This series of 6 to 8 sessions is dedicated to bringing small groups of Jews and Muslims together for the purpose of working through obstacles and opening pathways of communication. Each group will in part determine the format of the sessions.

Interfaith Peace-Building Dialogue: This series of 6-8 sessions is dedicated to bringing interfaith groups together to share the way their faith, culture, and traditions impact their choices to be actively engaged in communal life. These sessions are built upon prayer, storytelling and creative envisioning.